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I was divorced 3 years ago after a turbulent 7 year marriage. We had one child, Madison, who is ADHD and has some learning disabilities. My ex has contacted Madison’s doctors and therapists without me. The doctors have ordered speech and occupational therapy but he refuses to pay and claims she is fine. She also needs educational testing but he won’t pay for that either. I just want what is best for Madison. He is disrupting her care and our lives. What can I do?


In most cases, medical expenses not covered by insurance are split by the parents in proportion to their incomes. Under shared parental responsibility, you and your ex have to confer and agree on medical issues concerning Madison. In all likelihood, you and your ex must confer and agree upon Madison’s medical treatments. If you cannot agree, bring him to court. Sometimes the filing of a motion makes people more reasonable. But if he will not budge, present the clinical facts to a judge, tell him your story and ask the court to order the treatments and testing for Madison. You can ask for an order prohibiting your ex from contacting your Madison’s providers. If your situation is really bad, ask the court to give you control over Madison’s medical care and ask for a modification of child support to so that your daughters medical bills are built into child support. Nevertheless, each case is different so I suggest that you see an experienced family lawyer to discuss your particular situation and determine the relief to which you may be entitled.